Choosing a Great Band

Choosing A Great Band

Choosing A Great Band  Everyone wants a packed dance floor and for their guests to leave with great memories. So, choosing a band becomes a source of stress. To compound the issue there are now more good bands than ever to choose between. At first, it’s exciting to sit down with your soon-to-be other half, or anyone else involved in the decision process, and watch music videos however fairly soon it gets exhausting sifting through the myriad of options. A specific act might stand out from the rest but how do you know if they’re really going to look and sound that way at your wedding during the course of a four-hour evening?

You never know who may have witnessed a wonderful band at not just a wedding, but perhaps even a corporate event at the Four Seasons or local night club like Bethesda Blues & Jazz. Ask literally everyone you know if they have seen or heard of any great referrals. And don’t forget to ask anyone in the event industry you’ve come across because they see bands week in and week out. However, first express what you are looking for. Be specific about the style of music, the possible make-up of the band in terms of number and gender of singers, and most importantly that they know how to engage a crowd. This is critical and a skill that takes a great deal of experience and ability. It is not enough to simply sound and look good. A truly great band is one that takes you on a journey, creating electrifying moments and bonding together the entire crowd to have a shared experience.

Use the same criterion you use when seeing a favorite artist in concert. What moves you? Isn’t it when they emote and engage your senses? When I go about forming and producing a band, I don’t think about competitive wedding bands. I only consider what I feel when I see my favorite celebrity solo artists and bands. What I look for in instrumentalists and vocalists is their ability to express raw unbridled emotion when delivering the message of a lyric and to make me feel as if I’m the one on stage experiencing the story of the song. That’s what moves me to tears, laughter and memory. It’s what forces me to want to dance and express my own joy.

Your wedding is a celebration of love, not only of you and your fiancé but also of the friends and family that support you. Your best friends and relatives are all coming together under one roof for one night to share in your profound journey.  The driving force of any wedding with live music is the band. It is a great honor for them to facilitate this great expression of love. So, carefully consider these elements that go into creating a great act and you and your guests will have the night of your lives!

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