Need-To-Know Questions Before Hiring Your Wedding DJ

Before hiring your perfect wedding DJ, ask these questions. Ensure your DJ is the perfect fit for you, and your guests:

Does the DJ have professional equipment?

It doesn’t matter how fantastic you heard a Wedding DJ will perform at your event, if they show up with awful sounding equipment (that only works part of the time) it will completely ruin an event of any kind.  This may be hard to verify since most clients are not aware what is considered professional equipment.  Don’t be afraid to ask the DJ if you can come out to witness his equipment set up.

Does the DJ presentation and display area look tidy and clean?

I know you are thinking why hasn’t the question of music made the top of this list?  That’s because everyone can get their hands on music and play it. I believe hiring someone impressionable, presentable, and takes the time to tidy up the presentation of his work area is very important.  There is nothing worse than walking into your venue and the DJ has boxes stacked behind his booth, or in a corner as an eyesore.  It is also unprofessional to see cables and wires not taped down to prevent guest from tripping, or taped out of sight.  Maybe when you ask for an invite to see the DJ equipment setup, keep in the back of your mind to notice the neatness the work area.

Is your DJ comfortable playing a variety of music styles?

OK, so here it is, the music question.  Notice I asked if the Wedding DJ can play other styles of music?  Although you may have your favorite, it is very important that a DJ be familiar with several styles of music.  You want your DJ to be comfortable playing anything from Motown to Current Top 40 at any event, where you anticipate high energy dancing.  It doesn’t matter if your party has a country theme, music reaches everyone and even country music lovers will dance to Motown or 80’s pop.  Some DJ’s have their music specialty, but only hire a diversified DJ for a wedding.

How well can your DJ read a crowd?

Every DJ that can play a variety of music will say they are great at this skill.  Well, we have all experienced being at a party, having a great time, and then the DJ plays a horrible choice and kills the dance floor. This is rocket science to an inexperienced DJ.  Let me help you with this scientific formula.  You can test your DJ over the phone to see how quickly he can respond in order to keep your party on its toes.  Throw out combinations of genres, age groups, nationalities, genders, event types, venue types, party scenarios, and ask what song would you play for this situation?  If you agree with their selections, this could be the DJ for you.   Let’s eliminate the guessing game.  Ask your DJ if he is comfortable walking around introducing himself to your guest and asking what they would like to hear.  This doesn’t mean the DJ will play all of their suggestions, but there should never be an empty dance floor after he learns what they expect to hear.  This also makes your DJ appear friendly and approachable throughout your event.

Do you provide lighting?

Unless you are having a daytime party, you will want to know what lighting options your DJ can offer.  Don’t let your DJ brush over this question with a quick and simple answer.  You will be surprised what you get at your event.  The DJ’s that do not have lighting will tell you they don’t have lighting.  To not have any lighting means the business isn’t thriving.  The DJ’s that have lots of lighting will offer extra lighting packages.  Understand it’s not to nickel and dime you.  Setting up lighting is sometimes more time consuming than setting up music equipment.  Ask to see a visual display of the lighting packages.  Some DJ’s think the more lights the better, not understanding that less is sometimes more.  Ask for specifics in this area.  A DJ doesn’t want to pack more than he needs, and you may not want an overbearing Grammy Awards presentation.

Make sure you know who will DJ your event?

Several companies have several DJs on their roster.  Ask to see a photo of the DJ.  Ask to speak with the DJ.  Don’t be afraid to ask the owner if you can meet with the DJ being recommended for your event.  Bonding with a DJ is just as important as trusting your significant other behind the wheel as you take a nap.  This event can make or take your life.  Your reputation is on the line and knowing that the driver can get you to your destination is very important.  There is nothing worse than having a DJ show up the day of your event and you don’t feel comfortable speaking to another.  If you are not in the same city, have several phone conversations and exchange several emails regarding your vision for the event.  If you are in the same city, set up a planning meeting.  This will get you both on the same page and knock down any uncomfortable barriers.  You have to trust this person to drive, so you can relax with what could be a major life changing event.

These of course are not all of the “Need-To-Know Questions Before Hiring a Wedding DJ,” but feel free to check back for more in depth need-to-know tips.  Thank you for your interest and feel free to ask about any questions or concerns.

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