Budgeting More For The RIGHT Band

Budgeting more for the RIGHT band.. Is it REALLY worth it?

When I graduated from Boston University I got a sales job with IBM. We had a superior product however it was the most expensive, even as much as 50-80% more than the best competitor. I would meet with prospective clients who would say “not only am I spending less but I’m already happy with what I have so why should I switch?”

As daunting as a response that was, I would always grab their attention by replying “but what if you could be even happier and actually save money in the long run?” I would then prove, through a series of tests, that our product was far more effective as well as productive in giving them what they needed.

It is really no different with entertainment. Yes the venue, food, flowers, décor and everything else is important. However, if you want your wedding to be an amazing and memorable celebration with everyone having an outrageous time then music is by far the most important element driving the night.  There are plenty of good bands and your party can be like everyone else’s but what if you can have a great band that absolutely knocks people out, keeps your dance floor jam packed every moment and leaves everyone breathless at the end of the night wishing it would never end?

Consider your overall budget and add up what you are spending on every other element of the day. Most likely what you were considering spending for the band is probably not a very big percentage even though it is the most critical item in determining the outcome as well as leaving lasting memories. This is a typical initial mistake. Percentage-wise, it is probably incremental to go up to the next level in your music choice. Another option is to shift around the budget items spending less on other items that don’t have as much impact.

Most people come up with what is basically a random number for their entertainment or get advice on what is supposedly the right price range to spend on a band. Instead, it is essential that you take the time to carefully evaluate the importance of each budget line item and truly assess its level of significance relative to every other portion for the entire day and night. Allocating the right amount for the musical entertainment will guarantee an experience that everyone will be talking about for years to come! 

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