I'm Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations on your engagement! You’ve announced the big news to your family and friends, have let time settle to revel in the excitement, and now you want to research and contact the best wedding bands you can find for the biggest party of your lifetime. What’s next?

Over twenty years ago, when I first entered the wedding music market, there were relatively few quality choices in my town. Now, in 2019, it is often overwhelming how many “wedding bands” exist in practically every cosmopolitan area. You are suddenly thrust into an industry with an enormous list of to-do’s which include, for a party band, sifting through gobs and gobs of promotional material and deciding which live entertainment act is going to be the focal point and drive the fun, dancing component of your celebration. Even more overwhelmed? Here are detailed tips for making that all-important decision:


1.   Put out word to your friends and family members that you are searching for a party band and do they have any suggestions? However, first sit down with your fiance and come up with criterion to share. Is there a particular style you’d like? For example, an all-around cover dance band (the most popular choice), a more casual bar-style band, a horn band, a party band that specializes in a certain genre like 80’s, etc.


2.   Industry professionals are the best resource! Consult party planners, venue contacts and “vendors,” such as wedding photographers, caterers, florists and wedding videographers. They’ve been working week in and week out with all the major local wedding music bands and actually see them in action. As with your friends and family, let them know your criterion.


3.   If you still don’t have enough choices, contact local entertainment companies and take the time to sift through their websites to get a sense of their expertise, whether they are and whether or not they have good options. You’ll get a sense after looking at just two or three party bands. Keep in mind that most such companies are really just “talent agencies” who simply pitch a slew of live entertainment acts and are driven by volume contract bookings. That might be okay with you. If, on the other hand, you wish to have more of an entertainment consultant company, contact ours and we’ll give you our customized and personal service to help you find the right wedding band for your particular personality, dreams, and vision. Then, call a representative from one, two or three top choices, once again giving your criterion as well as your date and ask for their two or three of their best suggestions.  


4.   Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, based on the party bands’ promotional material, try to at least have a phone conversation with the bands’ representative or perhaps even their leader. They set the tone for the band, which in turn sets the tone for your party. Ask what their philosophy is for entertaining a wedding crowd. Technically, being a band of talented singers and instrumentalists is only the beginning. At least 50% of it is their song list and knowing which songs to choose at the right moment and, most important of all, how they plan to connect with your crowd. That alone is a highly specialized skill to be developed and honed.

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