Searching For Wedding Entertainment In Your Local Market

Figuring out what search terms to use in order to locate a potential band or DJ is no longer easy due to the vast array of words and phrases that a talent agency may use to describe their products and services. Searching “Wedding Entertainment DC,” for instance, will yield thousands of results in the DC metropolitan area and Northern Virginia alone! Your resulting task will be to sift through several entertainment companies with a handful on up to an overwhelming listing of party bands and DJs who perform wedding music as well as for other special events.

It is not enough to simply search the myriad of videos and pictures -- It is essential to also thoroughly research the company that is presenting these products and services. Most talent agencies sell based on volume, focused on providing price quotes and answering basic questions. (Knowing the right questions to ask is important if you go this route, and preparing yourself with articles from The Knot and other online resources is vital to getting the most out of that sometimes very brief exchange!) While a perfectly legitimate method to run a volume-based business, it means that agencies operating this way may have few true experts, if any, who will take enough time to really get to know you and determine the best fit for your particular needs and desires.

A smaller company may be higher priced, but offer much added value in terms of having a higher level of talent and offerings! They also tend to devote much more time to each client, both before a contract is issued and after it is signed. Years ago, we at Kushner Entertainment coined the term Entertainment Design, which means that we will personally create a custom-crafted experience for your dream, your unique personality as a couple, and your needs.

As you begin this journey, consider how important your wedding entertainment is relative to everything else such as the catering, the floral design, photography, videography, and all other major aspects of your wedding event. If music ends up in first or second place, then you may want to seriously consider more of a boutique entertainment company that can invest the time and effort to give you the party of your dreams.

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