Let Inspiration Be Your Guide

We often get inspiration from dreams — however, inspiration also causes us to dream. Your wedding is a celebration of your commitment and public declaration of love for each other. Couples often tell me their “dreams,” for their big day and night, though sometimes feel frustrated with not being able to work out all the specifics. 

Inspiration is the key ingredient to having creative epiphanies. So, give yourself permission to take time and be open to what moves you emotionally and the answers will come!

I have found such inspiration in the most unexpected places and circumstances. A short film was once produced, on behalf of my company, about what inspires my musical creativity. It was only when I let go and simply wandered, both figuratively and literally, that amazing ideas started to happen. (Normally, I just walk with the distractions of my thoughts!) However, since I was purposefully just meandering, I was first able to notice a particular type of Cherry Blossom tree that had the most amazing colors! Although my field is music and live entertainment, I imagined somehow utilizing that unique color scheme in the décor of a wedding reception. And the feeling it gave me led to a musical thought. 

When you are simply open to observing— inspiration can strike you in unexpected places! I have several memories of inspiring musical moments that stick out to me in particular…When Ray LaMontagne’s Gossip In The Grain came out, many couples requested his hit, “You Are The Best Thing,” for their first dance.  However, the second song on the album “Let It Be Me” is absolutely and undeniably stunning.  I’ve listened to that song numerous times and it endlessly inspires me.

On a separate occasion, I went to The Groove in New York City, to see my friend Toni Menage perform, knowing it would be a great night but not expecting what came next. I was absolutely blown away by not only her and her band’s raw talent but also her magical ability to bond a crowd of strangers with a shared experience. (That’s the core ingredient to the success of any wedding reception and my mantra!)

Inspiration also strikes in my research during daily work life…A bride once requested Adele’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” as wedding music so I went to You Tube and discovered Carl Lindquist’s rendition, a Sweedish singer from Stockhom, which knocked me out. Many years later we are great friends, finally met for the first time in London and are working together on his recording career. 

I love Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” as well as his video for it, and have certainly had the song incorporated into my wedding music entertainment design. However, when I bought the record I also discovered his lesser known “Tenerife Sea,” and was immediately inspired to create a moment for an upcoming wedding couple with two wonderful singers accompanied by a cello and acoustic guitar. 

Inspiration can be found in an endless array of unexpected moments! Enjoy the fact that you have found profound love and give yourself space to just sit with it. View the world in this relaxed way and you’ll eventually be flooded with wedding music ideas!

- Andy

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