Emotional Connection

In the previous blog post, we discussed opening ourselves to creative inspiration and how it can translate to creating the wedding of your dreams. And what is the source and motivation for inspiration? It is the quest for deeper emotional connection within ourselves and with those around us.  

This is particularly true with wedding celebrations. We publicly declare our deep love for our main partner in life and commit undying support “through thick and thin.” We joyously celebrate the profound connection we’ve made and show the world a desire to further evolve our relationship. And who have we invited to this wondrous celebration? Our families and closest friends with whom we have the most connection with in our lives.

Listening, dancing, performing and overall enjoying music first helps us feel connection within ourselves because of the emotion with which we are moved.  Music, referred to as the “universal language” and when shared at the same time among a group of people, fosters a highly emotionally charged shared experience thereby bonding all of us together.

The “first dance” song is chosen based on a meaning which moves both individuals in a couple to feel it expresses and symbolizes their love for each other.  The parent dances are similar picked to express love between parent and child.

What creatively inspires me when I am designing the music and live entertainment for a wedding, whether the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner or dancing are not the songs themselves. Rather, it’s the feeling it conjures as related to this concept of connection. For the wedding ceremony music, I want every note of every phrase of every song, and if it includes vocals then every word as well, to not only symbolize an expression of love within the couple but also to subtlety create connection among every invited guest. Each song should lead to the next and take everyone in the room on a journey, moving them to tears or close to it. Think about what gets us to cry, other than feeling physical pain…it’s born out of some deep and affecting emotional connection.

And how does this relate to the cocktail hour? This is the transition from the ceremony to the dinner and dancing. People are now invited to literally connect with each other often for the first time during the party. I carefully choose the instrumentation, musical styles and songs not only to compliment the couple’s taste but especially to support everyone coming together. Like the soundtrack to a film, which subtly directs the viewer’s attention to a range of emotional interpretation for each scene, the music needs to foster a general good feeling among the group and subtly create anticipation of the upcoming dancing.

Same concept with dinner – throughout time, culture and history, sharing a good meal and drink has often been the centerpiece of people coming together. The wedding music creates an essential backdrop for this. After designing music for over a thousand weddings, I can truly say that it truly has an influential quality with the dancing portion of the celebration. The right songs performed in the right sequence and in the right manner are a powerful tool for bringing friends and strangers alike together! Although the first dance usually occurs in the beginning of the reception, I’ll often dedicate a beautiful ballad later in the night to the honored couple that helps remind them and the entire room why we’re there…which is all about connection.

Let connection drive your inspiration when planning all aspects of your wedding and you will have the most wonderful, feelingful and satisfying nights of your life!  

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