We are so excited because we now exclusively represent The New Romance, formally an 80’s band who used to mostly perform in live entertainment venues in Baltimore and now prefers the special event industry. While having a specialty, as a former 80’s cover band, they have expanded to perform popular cover songs from all decades and even performed for a corporate event in China! 

It’s a fun story as to how we found them. We knew we wanted a different kind of band, one that had a different look, different experience, and with a good edge from performing at tons of public live entertainment venues. At the same time, we were also interested in party bands that could specialize in certain popular decades if requested. After months of searching, our company owner, Andy Kushner, serendipitously received a seemingly random call from a former singer of an 80’s band who mentioned that his brother was a keyboardist with another 80’s band that wanted to transition to the wedding and special event market as well as expand their repertoire. 

Perfect timing! Andy checked them out, at some performances, and in his own words, “I was really hesitant before arriving at the venue. After searching for already existing cover bands for about two months and being mostly disappointed, I had low expectations.” He goes on to describe his response when he first saw The New Romance: “I was immediately blown away by The New Romance! Not only did they sound amazing, and I’m really particular with both the instrumentalists and the singers, but they also had tons of energy and the singers had a great rapport with the audience!”

After getting to know the leader and band members and striking a deal, Andy proceeded to produce a new video for them, which was recorded at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Md.  And the response has been tremendous. Says one client, who just booked them: “Most band videos are hard to trust because they’re recorded in some studio. However, The New Romance’s was totally “live” and the energy was palpable!” Another said, “I’ve never heard such talent in a wedding band. My fiance and I knew almost instantaneously this was the right choice for us.”

The New Romance still performs, from time to time, in public venues, which is a really fun way to check them out or simply to enjoy a night out! The band consists of a lead male singer, a lead female singer, a keyboardist who also sings, bass player, guitarist, and a drummer. You can add horns though they have a very powerful sound just as they are. And while hit 80’s songs is a specialty, they can perform anything with the same talent and power and love mixing it up. 

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