Qualities That Make A Great Band Great

It is not just the musical and vocal ability of a band that makes it great. There are many other elements that are critical to consider when searching and contracting a band. One of the most important is that they are easy to work with. How does this manifest? First of all, when talking to their leader or representative you should fairly quickly get a sense of their attitude and perspective.  If you are excited about the musical quality it might be easy to avoid red flags. However, such red flags can blow up into serious issues down the line. You want to hear that they are upbeat and positive and really passionate about what they do. The bottom line with assessing attitude? Trust your gut.

Another feature of a truly great band is that they exhibit a good energy even when talking to them or their leader. A leader sets the tone for the rest of the band and so if you can experience a great positive energy, just when talking, then generally it translates to the rest of the band and what they’ll be like, not only to work with but also during their performance. 

An event band’s ability to emcee a party is also very important to consider. Someone has to run the party, make announcements, and interact with the person running your event. They are, in a sense, your representative to the entire crowd of guests. 

Other issues are how organized they are when working on the event details including logistics and the timeline. Often, the way they deal with you from the very first call or meeting is an indication of what they will be like to work with down the line. And it’s perfectly appropriate to ask how they approach the logistics. 

Professionalism is exhibited in a variety of ways throughout the entire planning process and it absolutely reflects what the band will be like. In addition to your own personal experience of working with them, be sure to ask for referrals. There is nothing better than someone who has already hired and worked with them to get a clear picture of the overall experience. And don’t forget anyone and everyone on your event team. They have all seen and perhaps even worked directly with numerous party bands throughout their careers. This includes party planners, event producers, venue contacts, and other “vendors” such as photographers, videographers, etc. 

The bottom line is to not only to go on the quality of a video or audio samples. That is only the beginning of what your decision process should entail. Consider all the above and you are more likely to ensure an incredible night!

Andy KushnerComment