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The Big Beyond brings magnetic energy that explodes on stage, ignites any crowd, packs every dance floor, and blows the roof off the best parties at the most high-profile venues!

The Big Beyond performing for a crowd

The Big Beyond has quickly become one of the nation’s most popular party bands, maximizing impact at the biggest events with the most notable crowds. Amplifying a live party experience to the next level, The Big Beyond showcases an energy with more singers, more horns, more choreography, and more engagement than you ever thought a band could bring to a special event!

The band’s lineup elevates any event into an absolutely epic experience. The Big Beyond lineup can include combinations of male and female lead singers, a tight rhythm section, a sizzling horn section, energetic dancers, and a DJ/emcee to keep the crowd hyped. This band can scale up or down to nearly any configuration, bringing to life the biggest event plans and wildest imaginations.

The Big Beyond brings good looks, great attitude, and unmistakable style to the stage at every event. Their non-stop extended-length live sets grab guests by the lapels to keep the blood pumping, feet jumping, and lips moving in time with the most popular party songs of every generation. From Bruno Mars to Journey, Beyoncé to Bon Jovi, The Big Beyond plays the biggest hits that merge with exciting choreography to deliver an unforgettable show that shimmers, builds, and keeps going strong so that every single person in the room is blown away by what they’ve seen. So whether you're booking a VIP party in Vegas, a movie premiere in Hollywood, or a corporate soiree in NYC, elevate your expectations and hang on tight.

With The Big Beyond and Kushner Entertainment as your dream team, what comes next will be BEYOND EPIC.

15-PIECE LINEUP | 3 Male Vocals, 2 Female Vocals, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums, DJ, 2 Dancers


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